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Attorney's Fee Regulation System (AFS Service)

As already known by our Clients and Associates, our Office is pleased to offer an ample structure of legal services, specifically directed to the aid of business management, and corporate law.


We strive to offer a quality legal counseling in the areas of Civil, Business and Criminal law, as well as comparative International Legislation; Industrial Property and Intellectual Property; Internet Domain Names, and Labor Law, in all of their judicial or Out of Court settlements.


Our Office has its own Industrial Property (Patents & Trademarks) division, able to offer an integral service, including advice and/or prosecution of cases, which includes the actual filing of Industrial Property matters, its following and control, as well as all the related legal services.


Our new AFS Service which we are now offering to your consideration is placed on the leading edge of the best available legal services. Our Courts, at the end of the judicial prosecution, burdens the losing party with the payment of all the Court expenditures, including the fees of all the intervening Attorneys, both for the plaintiff and defendant, as ruled by the judge in the final and closing finding.


Our Office, as from July 2012 is pleased to offer to its Clients and Associates to follow the settlements as per the Courts rulings, in order to facilitate the access to the judicial prosecutions, placing the payment burden on the vanquished party. What we are striving is to have the party provoking our Clients to file a Court Action to pay the total of the legal fees at the end of the Court Action.


Under this new AFS Service, our Clients are offered, when beginning the legal proceedings, to forward only a minimum and token fee, covering the scant handling expenses and Court taxes, leaving for the final closing of the legal proceedings to collect our Court fees from the condemned party.


We may add that systems service have been already thoroughly tested with broad success. In all the cases under consideration it is our duty to provide a previous and full study of each case, assessing its real possibilities, before issuing our final advice.


Our AFS Service can be synthesized as follows:

A) All the professional fees are ruled by the Court, when issuing its final finding.

B) Our Client will not be responsible for this payment, excepting the two following situations (*);

C) Our Client, when committed to initiate a Court Action, will be issued with our invoice covering only the mere handling costs and Court taxes, which will be previously communicated.


* Exceptions

1) In the cases in which our Client decides to accept an Out of Court Settlement, wherein the frame of the agreement specifies that each party sustains its own expenses, or if our Client results the condemned party.

2)When the losing party faces the impossibility to pay the legal fees as ruled by the Court.


(Our Schedule of Charges reflects this new policy.)


B&S Newsletter 20/ 2012